Adult Program

The adults programme is for students aged 16 years and older. The majority of our students are family people, who either have children who train in the martial arts with them, or who have a young family at home. This means our classes are filled with people with a desire to learn and develop skills, rather than simply learn to fight.

Our adults classes have a  strong emphasis on safety, good martial arts technique, and the syllabus is a taught in a step by step manner, building on skills. This means it is great for all activity levels, even no previous activity, and all levels of ability. If you can get to class, we can make you an awesome martial artist!

Our Hapkido classes for adults teach the full traditional Hapkido syllabus, including effective strikes, devastating kicks and a wide range of self defence techniques to get out of locks and holds. This art is both practical and fun to learn. Skills are learnt in a sequential manner by progress through a belt system. This means that you are not expected to get everything right when you first start! You will find plenty of people to help you to greatness along your martial arts journey.

By participating in a Hapkido programme our adult students are increasing their fitness and strength, developing new skills and agilities and learning something new every time they come to class.